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As any creative marketing agency will tell you, understanding how to develop a customer-centric video strategy is important. There’s been a seismic shift in what is considered to be effective marketing practice. Traditional ‘Above The Line/Below The Line’ strategies are being scrapped in favour of touchpoint optimisation. With an audience that practically lives online, across multiple devices, and has little to no attention span, it’s become increasingly important to identify the moments that matter and deliver content that is relevant and immediately engaging.

According to a study completed by Ipsos, 75% of online consumers in the UK have taken action after seeing a brand message that is relevant to them. Content (specifically, customer-centric content) is still very much king. Therefore it’s necessary for brands to have a strategy in place to maximise their growth by targeting the right audience with the right content. London based agency Hub, hosted a seminar to shed some light on developing an effective customer-centric video strategy.

The seminar featured presentations from the following four industry experts:

Digital strategist and author Justin Kirby joined the session to discuss the importance of communicating brand purpose. To capture the customer’s attention, he believed that content should be engaging and relevant to its target market. He spoke about touchpoint optimisation and how moments along the customer journey can be key for pushing out content.

Hub’s co-founder and director of content David Hunstone also attended the event to explain the value of focusing on meaningful insights. He discussed how useful they can be for creating a video strategy that influences the customer’s purchase journey, reminding audiences that insights aren’t just data but something that can be used to inspire the story. Hunstone revealed where these sorts of insights can be found, citing keywords, Google Analytics, Google Autoresponder or Answer The Public website as some must-try tools.

Business Insider creative director Katya Ionova shared her seven rules for creating effective video content. Of these, she said that branded videos must be informative and entertaining if they’re to stand a chance of securing a high number of views and increasing video engagement,

Johanna Hansson, insight manager at Unruly, looked at the significance of emotion and cultural understanding for the production of customer-centric content. She thought that brands should create video content that resonates with their target customer’s culture if they want to truly connect with them. Hansson demonstrated her point by showing one ad which evoked different reactions from viewers of different cultures.

The seminar answered many important questions from seminar participants while also sharing expert knowledge on how to create engaging video content. Attendees left knowing that they needed to concentrate on producing mobile-specific content and how to make the most of data insights. While there’s no real secret to making videos perform well globally, the session revealed that videos with purpose do make a difference and resonate with audiences.

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