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Hub Case Study: Klarna Partner Events 

Brand advocates are priceless assets for any business. Real influence is more than just popularity – it’s forming an emotional connection with your audience. But it needs to be a connection that lasts. True advocacy is born when customers, employees, and partners are compelled to support and promote brands passionately…and regularly.

Klarna is a well known financial services business with a difference: their brand voice makes them unique – it’s approachable, friendly, fun, creative. For that reason, their online Partner Day had to mirror those same values. With the help of Hub, Klarna held a digital event that welcomed partners as guests, but left as firm brand advocates ready to spread the word about Klarna. The ingredients that made it so compelling? An extravaganza of entertainment, a jam-packed line-up of interactive moments, world class music entertainment and meaningful gifts in exclusive branded swag bags. All delivered with seamless digital experience – underpinned by strong technical delivery. Here’s our five key elements to drive brand advocacy:


1. A multi-sensory digital experience

The plan of action: truly connecting with partners and senior employees meant evoking a sensory, engaging, and worthwhile experience they could share together. Meticulous technical logistics, pre-recordings, remote videos, robotic cameras and live streaming made for a unique and smooth running event. From the wacky videos and sets to the carefully curated chain of events – each digital exchange became a memorable, personal experience.


2. Unmissable entertainment

The event was hosted via two custom stages. The main set was a space where guests could interact with the host in real-time, the second where the entertainment happened: celebrity bingo hosted by Rob Beckett, live streamed sets by DJ Fun Lovin’ Criminals’ DJ Fastsets, and a TikTok dance class taught live by an established teacher at Pineapple Studios. 


3. A streamlined hosting platform

It was crucial to make the audience feel they were part of something special, so the personalised experience was underpinned by a multi-room virtual event player that allowed attendees to navigate easily from the comfort of their homes. 


4. Content that invites interactions

With pre-submitted introduction videos, over 300 partners tuned in to see familiar faces and new acquaintances. Klarna wanted their guests to get to know each other, have fun and feel truly valued. The more welcome guests felt, the easier it would be to relax and start interacting.


5. Special touches to galvanise stronger connections

Each attendee received a surprise Klarna ‘swag’ box containing an agenda, drinks, and props, including branded sweatbands, t-shirts, face masks and prosecco to get them ready to celebrate. The cocktail of digital and physical made guests feel part of the celebrations.


The result: a supercharged Net Promoter Score scale

Klarna’s first virtual Partner Day was  a hit on socials, with 250 attendees all sharing their experiences on social media. The event had a 100% Net Promoter Score, meaning guests’ willingness to advocate Klarna’s brand and services was off the scale. 

The results speak for themselves: digital events with personalised experiences and incentives are two of the most effective ways to encourage advocacy and genuine brand loyalty. At Hub, our events team knows this well. Specialising in being a creative content marketing agency in London, we take the time to truly understand audiences so that we can design, plan and host virtual and in-person events that are entirely bespoke to individual brands. All with the aim of helping them to build long-term brand advocacy.


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