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If you’ve got a service or product worth shouting about, you’re off to a flying start. The way your brand is perceived is paramount – so it’s worth investing in effective ways to convert your audience from curious prospects to customers and brand advocates. Hosting a digital event is a surefire way to expand your reach and grow brand awareness.


Volvo’s digital event

Volvo had several aims; to launch their new, flexible car subscription service: Care by Volvo, and unveil their first ever electric vehicle. Both announcements were to be underpinned by one overarching theme – Volvo’s three-year sustainability partnership with The Eden Project. 

Rhino Events, well-known specialists in automobile events, were tasked with organising a digital event that both showcased the brand and resonated with the audience. The plot twist: COVID 19 made an in-person event impossible. That’s where Hub came in. Using digital content, conceptual design, video production, and event management, Volvo hosted an extraordinary online event that attracted car enthusiasts and environmentalists on a global scale. 


Being relatable in a digital world

Hosting a digital event is more than just selling a product, it’s offering an experience. For brands to stay relevant in a competitive market, they have to find ways to build deeper, long lasting connections with their customers. 


The eco-friendly car and the thoughtful subscription service paired with The Eden Project’s purpose and breathtaking surroundings inspired Hub to ensure sustainability was the key message. As a charity, The Eden Project explores the interconnections between all living things – so it was decided that impactful visuals inspired by nature would bring Care by Volvo’s event vision to life.

Letting design drive the experience

When it comes to creating immersive experiences online, design resources are the most important levers you’ll have. A carefully curated experience makes customers more likely to buy the product – that’s why the custom branded design and promotion of a digital event is so crucial. Here’s how Hub assisted:


1)  The promotional video 

To capture the outstanding beauty of The Eden Project and the cars in motion, Hub used a combination of on-the-ground cameras with supporting aerial footage captured by a range of drones. The result: a perfect backdrop for Volvo to feature in the webinar, launch the partnership, deliver their message and promote the event to drive sign ups.


2) A custom set  to host the event

On the day, the set complimented the location and Volvo’s brand, and it created a design scheme that reflected the theme of sustainability. Hub used this framework consistently on the online, bespoke hosting platform to create a seamless viewer experience. 


3) Realising an overarching design style

The high production value and advanced technology across all touchpoints highlighted the quality of the product, making the digital viewing experience a powerful one for all attendees (even if they were not there to see the electric cars first hand). 


Interacting with attendees 

Looking beyond the aesthetics and digital space of Volvo’s event, it was important to connect with viewers and focus on keeping customers engaged.

The event included a live panel discussion with influential names in sustainability and a Q&A session where viewers were invited to ask questions and request a callback from the Volvo sales team. The broadcast was live and streamed from the location, and also made available on-demand for those who missed it on the day – meaning increased reach, and further return on investment.


Going the distance online

This custom designed online event saw Volvo successfully announce their new electric car and Care by Volvo successfully launch their subscription service.


What was the key to this success? Ensuring the right content was delivered to the right audience, at the right time. This sounds simple, but here at Hub, we know that there are many moving parts to launching a successful event and all of them need to be executed with excellent strategic alignment. From beautiful set design to thought provoking content, and from detailed event planning to seamless technical delivery. At Hub, as a marketing agency in London,  we can plug in at any stage of the process and support marketing and event teams to deliver an extraordinary event experience, enabling you to nurture your prospects through the purchase funnel and become customers and advocates of your brand.


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Watch the Care by Volvo video case study here.