Event Management

We offer full-service event management and production of virtual events, hybrid events or live in-person events.

Whether you need your virtual event to be based at our central London studio, or filmed and live streamed from your own preferred location, we will ensure we’re engaging your remote audiences beyond the expected.

For live in-person events we design, plan and produce breathtaking experiences that deliver the extraordinary magic your live audiences demand.

Our Event Services

Virtual events

We arrange all aspects of your virtual event covering studio guests, integration of remote guests, slides and video, high-end filming and editing. Our streaming technology and expertise ensures seamless delivery of your event to your virtual audience.

Live streaming production

Our technical expertise, digital tools, and live streaming platforms enable broadcast quality streaming, helping you engage your audiences and ensure they stay logged on. Our editing and quick turn around services enable you to grow on-demand views quickly.

Studio filmed events

Base your event at our central London studio. We cater for pre-recorded or live-streamed events, seating four guests with four cameras, vision mixing, editing and talk back in studio to allow for directing. We can also source alternative studios around the UK.

Live in-person events

Our Live team work with our clients developing creative concepts for live in-person events.  We fully manage the production process and run the event on the day to deliver extraordinary audience engagement across  all technical and practical aspects.

Social media streaming

Engage your audiences through simultaneous live streams across your social channels. Alternatively we can stream the first 10 minutes of your event on your social platforms and link to your registration page to capture larger audiences.

In-house studio set up

Don’t want to leave the office? Need a studio in your own location? We can set up a fully functioning green screen studio, or design and create a practical studio in your offices.  This means you can stream live events or pre-record content at your own convenience.

Technical consultancy

Starting from scratch or need advice on how to execute a virtual event, live-streamed or released on-demand? Our technical team are available for consultancy-only services. We advise and train your own team to be self sufficient to a high standard.

Branding packages

Branding your content and events is a vital part of audience engagement. We design and produce on-screen branding and graphics packages.  We adhere to your brand visual guidelines and produce multiscreen layouts, lower thirds, animated stings and bumpers.

Studio dry hire and studio wet hire

Our central London based studio is available for hire, fully equipped with technical crew or as an empty space with lighting. It can be used with the green screen or kitted out with set design as required. Our viewing rooms with facilities, allow other guests to watch the event as it’s happening.

Our technical expertise

Live streaming seamless virtual events requires expert equipment, technical skills and a cool head. Without these the impact and professionalism of your brand could be affected. Our high-quality streaming platform delivers broadcast quality and streams reliably without glitches. We can integrate all manner of content and edit professionally and seamlessly. Importantly our services include tracking tools and analytics data to measure and analyse effectiveness.

Our creative services

We can conceptualise an event beyond your imagination. We’ll bring ideas to life exploring initial creative thoughts with creative brainstorms and moodboards, and from that develop full creative approaches for your event. From the practical to the experiental, we’ll push boundaries to deliver extraordinary events that engage audiences beyond the expected.

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‘How To Run A Virtual Event’?

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Meet our own virtual event team and learn how the experts do it. We’ll cover setting up and running a professional and engaging virtual event to help you connect with your audience.

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Event Services FAQs


Why are virtual events important?

Virtual events use technology that allows audiences across geographies and timelines to access an event, without having to travel.
Audience can watch live, or watch the recording after the event, meaning brands can capture much broader audiences that live in-person events can achieve. They are cost effective, measurable and with the right technical and creative approach they can be extraordinarily engaging.


What are the risks of a corporate event?

One of the biggest risks is not understanding your audience and what they want.
Creating the right content, ensuring it’s engaging and professionally produced is the only way to keep your audiences engaged. Professional speakers and well designed and produced material can make or break a corporate event.


What are the most important elements of a digital event?

A solid content strategy is the starting point for all digital events. Allowing enough time to produce that content, and test all the technical aspects, is almost certainly the second most important aspect of a digital event.


How do you run a successful virtual event?

It’s important to consider the objectives for your event and set these from the start. Next you need to think about the following:

1. The virtual platform you will use.
2. The time and date.
3. How you will promote the event?
4. The event plan including speakers, content and timings.
5. Who your host will be.
6. How you will engage your audiences?
7. How you will troubleshoot anything on the day?
8. Who can handle technical requirements before and on the day?
9. What happens post event?


Are virtual events better than physical live in-person events?

Virtual events can draw larger audiences and accumulate more leads. They offer flexibility as can be watched anywhere live, and anytime with on-demand. They are also cost effective. Physical events offer that personal touch and a chance to network in-person. Because of their live nature, physical events can also create a sense of audiences feeling ‘special’ and ‘focused on’, whereas virtual events need to work harder to engage. We believe both have merits and it depends on what our clients are trying to achieve with their budgets and their audiences.