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abrdn has a long history of managing investment trusts.  Their expert teams look after £11.2 billion* in investment trust assets, investing across world markets to help reach their investors’ goals.


During Covid:19 abrdn discovered how beneficial virtual event formats were for their pre-AGM webinars, allowing abrdn to reach larger audiences across its 21 investment trusts.


Our strategy

Seamless delivery and professionalism was our goal for abrdn across its multiple events.  A vital part of this was running technical tests with everyone involved on the actual event day, including multiple remote speakers, fund managers and Chairperson. We needed to ensure that everyone had the correct set up, the right cables, could use the technology, was presenting in front of suitable backgrounds and understood the format of the event.


As part of our financial services marketing plan, we designed and built the webinar registration pages based on abrdn’s brand identity and created and managed the email communication from initial alerts, reminders and post event follow ups.  We also monitored email bounce back and registration applications so abrdn was aware who was attending.


On the live date of each event we checked in with the speakers, tested the technology again, activated the live webinar platform and monitored the technology throughout the event, troubleshooting on the spot if required.

We monitored any comments and liaised with the hosts over questions, submitted using iPads to interact during the live event.


The virtual live-streamed events have been a great success for abrdn’s audiences.  All events are edited after the live event and supplied as on-demand videos for abrdn to distribute themselves. 


We’ve been working with Abrdn since 2020 and continue to work with them across this proven format of delivering events.


* total assets as at 21 March 2023.