How ‘Always-On’ Works

If you’re looking to attract and nurture customers through your marketing funnel – and frankly, who isn’t? – an Always-on marketing strategy could be for you. It’s a data-led approach that enables you to offer useful and timely communications at critical touch points along the customer journey.


Through social, email, digital and mobile, the aim is to build relationships by providing consistent and personalised engagement with customers.


Instead of a few large campaigns, ‘Always-on’ marketing can lead to increased engagement, customer loyalty and ultimately, better results.


But don’t worry, it’s not an either or approach. In fact, ‘Always-on’ marketing  can actually enhance campaign marketing by allowing you to loop your audience into a different stage of the funnel and make the campaign more successful.


What are its main benefits?

‘Always-on’ is all about data collection. Analysing this data enables you to understand your customers’ journeys at a really granular level. In turn, it builds a level of business intelligence you can mine for key insights to drive your business forward.


Your sales teams can be more focused in targeting people they know are interested. And your customers get a better experience because the content they’re receiving feels relevant, is tailored to their needs, and they’re seeing it where they like to consume content. 


How effective is it?

A number of studies have revealed just how effective ‘Always-on’ marketing can be. Accenture discovered that organisations implementing ‘Always-on’ strategies saw a 37% increase in engagement and a 26% increase in customer loyalty.


A similar study by McKinsey showed a 20% increase in revenue growth and a 15% increase in customer lifetime value.


Personalised ‘Always-on’ campaigns had 29% higher unique open rates and 41% higher unique click-through rates than non-personalised campaigns, according to a study by Epsilon.


Brands that provided a consistent customer experience across all channels and touchpoints saw a 19% increase in sales, according to Adobe.


What next?


To find out more about an ‘Always-on’ marketing approach, watch our webinar and learn about the kinds of content that drive this kind of strategy, discover how get to your content in front of the right audience for you, and get examples of major brands that have successfully implemented their own ‘Always-on’ strategies.


You can also download Hub’s white paper on ‘Always-on’ marketing where you’ll find case studies on our work with Janus Henderson and Asset Value Investors, as well as further information on how to develop your strategy, the role of content, and how to overcome the potential challenges.


If you’d like to find out more about how we’ve helped our clients achieve ‘Always-on’ marketing success, or simply want to discuss how a creative marketing agency like Hub can help your business, please leave us a message to arrange a call back.