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Content plays a crucial role in an Always-on marketing strategy. It’s the main vehicle for driving engagement, building relationships with customers, and measuring the ROI of your efforts. 


Creating high-quality, personalised, and engaging content, helps deliver the results you are looking for in a number of ways.


First of all, it’s key to building brand awareness. By creating and distributing high-quality content that aligns with your values and messaging, your brand can increase its visibility and build trust with your target audience.


It also drives engagement. Content can be used to engage with customers by providing them with valuable information, entertainment, or inspiration. Engaging content can lead to increased social shares, comments, and likes, which can help boost the visibility of your brand.


Content can be personalised. This can help to build stronger relationships with your customers by providing them with relevant and tailored information. For example, customer data platforms can be used to create personalised content that speaks to the specific interests and needs of each customer.


It can generate leads. By providing valuable content in exchange for contact information, you can use ‘Always-on’ marketing to generate leads and build your email list.


It helps you measure the impact of your strategy. By tracking the engagement and conversion rates of different types of content, you can measure the ROI of your efforts and optimise your strategy accordingly.


Finally, it helps create a consistent customer experience. Content helps make sure your messaging, tone, and overall experience aligns with the brand across all channels and touchpoints.


So, how do you create great content?


The starting point is research and insight. Understand the marketplace around you, and know what attracts your audiences to your product or service. Find out what makes them tick.


Then you need a strategy. A game plan to transform the research and insights into results.


Once you have a direction, you can focus on creative and production solutions that actually meet your customers’ needs.


But just creating great content won’t get you far unless you have a good distribution and promotion plan in place. This ensures your content targets your audience effectively, at the right times and in the right places.


The final stage of the loop in measurement and analytics. At this stage you can consider what worked well but also what, if anything, went wrong. Then you can consider how you would refine the process to improve, either with more research and insight, adjusting the type of content or your distribution methods.


For more information, watch our webinar and download our white paper on ‘Always-on’ marketing. If you’d like to find out more about how Hub has helped our clients achieve ‘Always-on’ marketing success, or simply want to discuss how we can help your business, please leave us a message to arrange a call back.