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At the end of 2022, we took the decision at Hub to incorporate our events-specialist, sister company Bombora, into Hub.  Since we started Bombora 10 years ago, we’ve seen our clients move towards needing the same strategic approach for events as they do across all their other marketing activities that we carry out at Hub.  


With virtual events and in-person live events now a major part of any brand’s marketing calendar, there’s an immediate need for a fully integrated approach and therefore we’re saying bye bye to Bombora, and hello to Hub, with integrated events specialism. 


Twenty years on and Hub is going from strength to strength and is ensuring it delivers as a premier creative marketing agency. Our services, expertise, team and rigorous approach across Research, Strategy, Creative, Production, Events and Measurement remain the same, we’re just more joined up than ever before.


We’re excited to be moving forward as one agency and our goal still stands; to help our clients achieve extraordinary audience engagement. 


Together, we are Hub.