The Vanguard Tough Mudder Takeover


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In a fusion of finance and the ultimate obstacle course, Vanguard took on the notorious Tough Mudder challenge to shine a spotlight on what they deem as their best kept secret, their ‘active management’. Globally, Vanguard ranks among the largest investors in active management, with approximately $1.2 trillion invested in funds worldwide (Source: Vanguard March 2023).


And this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill corporate gathering; it was an exclusive, one-day-only, adrenaline-packed extravaganza that dared the professional investment industry across the UK to ’Get Active with Vanguard.’

Our Strategy

Hub’s mission was crystal clear: create compelling campaign content that not only enticed financial advisers creatively but also cast a spotlight on the event within professional investor circles. The focus was to generate a buzz, starting with an online advert strategically disseminated through social channels and email marketing. Our aim was for the content to capture the attention of financial professionals and get them to sign up whilst also generating
excitement throughout the broader UK financial sector.


But that’s not all – we created a series of training videos to help Vanguard keep the momentum going. These videos not only provided valuable content on preparing for the event but also served to entice and nudge those who hadn’t yet signed up to join the action reinforcing the ’Vanguard do active’ message.


The campaign and event were an incredible success. Vanguard not only attracted over 1,000 enthusiastic participants for the challenge, but also demonstrated an exceptional ability to unite the entire industry, spanning from smaller adviser firms to industry leaders as well as media publishers, rating agencies and professional bodies.
Even our own team got in on the action and had a blast – watch the video below to see our ‘Tough Hubbers’ conquer the mud, freezing cold water, heights and electric shocks and emerge victorious! It was an outstanding day filled with tons of fun. The refreshing beer and delicious hot food at the end were warmly welcomed. Kudos and congratulations to Vanguard Active- brilliantly played.