Emerging themes shaping the future

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The Exchange-Traded Funds (EFT) team at Amundi, Europe’s largest asset manager, commissioned us to create financial services marketing content for their new product launches. Merging with Lyxor ETF, Amundi were set to become European ETF champions raising the bar on the entire ETF industry.


The client was really pleased with the resulting marketing content and subsequently commissioned supporting materials for their newest ETF for AI-themed investments.


Our strategy

We began with thorough research into the two new exchange-traded funds (ETFs) – Amundi Smart City and Smart Factory – to uncover and understand thematic trends and the unique offering of these ETFs in the marketplace. 


Amundi created its new products to help investors capitalise on emerging themes that they believe to be shaping the future, and they wanted us to create informative financial marketing materials into how their ETFs worked for their institutional and professional audience. There were three key elements we were asked to incorporate into the content:


  1. Why investors should look into Smart City and Smart Factory
  2. Why Amundi
  3. How the ETFs work


Based on our research, we created a series of whitepapers, articles and sales collateral that clearly highlighted how Amundi’s ETFs work and the benefits of investing into Smart City and Smart Factory.


In tandem, we developed a series of explainer videos for Amundi’s website, offering a simple visualisation of the thematic ETFs for their investor audience in addition to designing their website landing pages and branded graphics.


Amundi has continued to commission supporting materials for more of their ETF product ranges for AI-themed investments, Climate range, Gold ETC and Global Luxury ETF’s.