Janus Henderson – Your Biggest Investment

Problem & Results

  • Creative & production,
  • Strategy
  • Financial Services

Early in 2022 we launched Janus Henderson Investment Trust’s first brand campaign, ‘The Big 5-Oh’ 


The campaign was a huge success and performed beyond the client’s expectations.  


The first brand campaign was based on a key moment in the retail investor lifecycle, the watershed age of turning 50 and the financial concerns at the moment in time.  The campaign was also targeted at men aged 45-55.  The ‘Your Biggest Investment’ campaign widened the audience net to those 40+ but crucially included the other important financial decision maker – women.


Using the key learnings from our first brand campaign with Janus Henderson and the stellar performance of the video and digital content, we set about creating another brand hero video that tapped into the emotional concerns of parents planning for their children’s future.

Our Strategy

  1. Reaching new audiences

We conducted in depth focus groups with the target audience we had identified to dig deep into their approach to their finances, their concerns and to understand the insights we could use to achieve outstanding creative. We looked at their media habits to understand where best to reach them and selected the right content for the audience at the right time, delivered in the right place.  This led to a digital-led campaign that pushed the boundaries of the client’s business as usual content into the realms of lifestyle.


  1. Comprehensive brand awareness content strategy

Our success with the thematic campaign was further compounded by the organic growth of engagement figures across Janus Henderson’s individual trusts, as well as their respective digital reach. The podcast series, articles, downloadable guide, investor case studies, email and digital advertising generated interest Janus Henderson as a top of funnel source of insightful and helpful information when consumers needed it most.


  1. Results

As we write, the campaign is still running.  To date the hero video has gained 9.3 million ad impressions with a click through rate of 20% above the benchmark.  The campaign in its totality is outperforming the sector benchmarks across the board.  The metric we are always interested in is engagement related, website traffic is not meaningful if the audience do not spend time on page.  So, we are particularly pleased that the average dwell time is 2.47 minutes for paid traffic and 4.17 minutes for organic traffic.



Since 2019, the Janus Henderson investment trust search traffic has increased by 400% due to the combined approach of long term brand building and short term sales activation.  We will continue to build upon this success and see our work with Janus Henderson as a precursor to even stronger financial services marketing content that has potential to extend reach even further.


With an ever-evolving content strategy, we will continue to build on key research and insights to capitalise on Janus Henderson’s engagement figures and growing audiences. We have set in place engaging content and powerful strategies that will continue to foster digital growth and relevance for Janus Henderson long into the future.