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To further capitalise on their successful annual campaign in 2022, long standing clients Janus Henderson partnered up with financial media experts “Steps To Investing,” to create financial services marketing content that showcased two real-life people driven stories. The videos focused on investors who had proactively planned for their children’s financial futures. 


Hub worked closely with Steps To Investing and identified two key participants who were willing to share their success stories and inspire others to follow their lead. We interviewed each participant, asked them questions about their investment strategies and pressed them to elaborate on the influential impact investing could potentially have on their children’s future opportunities.

Our Strategy

Content that evokes empathy. 

We recognised the need to include a human element to our content, with the understanding that if audiences could relate to our investors on a personal level they were much more likely to trust the advice presented. 


It was very important to ensure the narratives were authentic and heartfelt.. To achieve this we asked our participants questions that evoked meaningful and relevant stories about their families but also connected these answers with real discussions about investment. This balance ensured the content was both informative, entertaining and relatable to the target demographic.   


Comparably, in order to capture footage for each interview, we set up scenarios that allowed our families to interact organically, such as a picnic in the park and an afternoon of family board games. It was important to present each family in an honest and believable way. This permitted everyone to be the truest versions of themselves and allowed us to capture real family moments, with genuine emotion, without the need for excessive direction. 



On delivery of the first draft edit, the client was rendered speechless and as they felt we had answered the brief exactly as they had envisioned and more. The project garnered an overwhelming positive reaction from the video’s participants.


We credit the success of the project to our well thought out approach in pre-production, where we searched meticulously for the right candidates. The effort invested in finding the right story and working with contributors to deliver extraordinary results paid dividends. We found families that reflected our clients values and worked closely with them to help them to deliver their message in a powerful way. This project is a great example of listening and understanding the clients needs and really connecting with the target audience in a memorable and meaningful way.