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The Bank of Montreal (BMO) commissioned Hub to establish a strong personal connection with potential investors, by creating a distinctive video series in a fresh style that would humanise their 13 fund managers and set them apart from competitors. 

The series has been a remarkable success, highlighting a vast medley of interests and displaying each manager’s unique perspective to potential investors as a powerful way to build connections.

Our strategy

Hub presented a bespoke financial services marketing solution – to create a series where each video was as unique as the fund manager. Our goal was to truly understand what made the manager tick, then set the film around areas and activities that showcased their personality, interests, and hobbies, and how that aligned with – or influenced – their investment approach.



The series has taken Hub and BMO all over the country, from the Pentland Hills in Scotland to Portobello Market and Victoria Park in London; riding in sailboats, boarding in skate parks, chasing bicycles, and flying high above Hampstead Heath. The result is a video series that propels fund managers away from one-dimensional talking heads videos, to the modern world that their investors occupy.