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The Big 5-Oh

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Building on previous successes, long-term client Janus Henderson chose us to help them launch a dynamic campaign – ‘The Big 5-Oh’, with the ambition of reaching a new cohort of potential investors aged 45-55. 

We delivered a timely, relevant, and powerful campaign, focusing on this demographic’s desire to save and invest for their retirement.

Within six months of the campaign’s release, Janus Henderson saw analytics soar above benchmark figures and massively outperform previous metrics. The ‘hero’ video saw over one million impressions, with a click through rate on YouTube that was 280% above what was expected. The print element of the campaign was equally as impressive, delivering over three million impacts. 

The significant increase in page views (approximately 2,000 per month) and the substantial increase in audience retention rates (4-5 minutes), demonstrated the campaign’s success, proving that audiences were not only being driven to Janus Henderson’s content, but they were also staying on the platform long enough to prove that they were effectively engaged with the information.

Our strategy


  1. Reaching new audiences 

We launched an in-depth research study on Janus Henderson’s ever-changing customer profile, to define key demographics and assess how each customer views investment. We then created refined strategies to target these demographics, by devising a bespoke financial services marketing plan that raised brand awareness, increased search optimisation and more successfully informed new customers on complex financial topics.

  1. Comprehensive content strategy 

Our success with the thematic campaign was further compounded by the organic growth of engagement figures across Janus Henderson’s individual trusts, as well as their respective digital reach. The podcast episodes, print campaigns, studio-based programming, guidebooks, and targeted articles across multiple platforms to reach and influence even more people with information about Janus Henderson’s individual trusts.

  1. Building brand awareness

Our overarching campaign objective was to raise awareness of Janus Henderson Investment Trusts to the ‘next’ investment trust audience. Using previous research, we used national press, digital and social channels including YouTube, seeding, and SEO analytics to reach previously untapped audiences.

With an ever-evolving content strategy, we will continue to build on key research and insights to capitalise on Janus Henderson’s engagement figures and growing audiences. We have set in place engaging content and powerful strategies that will continue to foster digital growth and relevance for Janus Henderson long into the future.


Since 2019, Janus Henderson search traffic has increased by 320% because of our targeted campaigns. We will continue to build upon this success and see our work with Janus Henderson as a precursor to even stronger content that has the potential to extend reach even further.