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Content Strategy to Increase Traffic

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Janus Henderson, a client since 2016, was not achieving their fair share of search and audience reach because their content was being churned out without a strategic approach. We addressed this by getting to know the target audience in-depth and delivering engaging and optimised content at exactly the right time in their sales journey.

Within less than a year of the campaign launch, Janus Henderson saw a 52.9% increase in organic sessions, a 61.3% increase in unique organic page views, and a 36.3% increase in total organic engagement time across all funds.

Our strategy


1. Digital audit

To create the right educational content, for the right channels, we needed to understand the key strategic issues around things like the size of the opportunity to generate traffic in the sector and where this could come from. So, we conducted a digital audit. From that, we established key parameters and developed a content strategy. 


2. Website optimisation strategy and redesign

To get to the crux of customer behaviour when researching investment products online, we undertook a usability study on the website, via a series of focus groups and on-site surveys. From this, we devised a website optimisation strategy, and made design and functionality changes to match. 


3. Content outreach programme

With user journeys optimised and new content in production, we kicked off the outreach programme of our financial services marketing plan, targeting trustworthy and relevant sites and their content teams. Writers then integrated links to janushenderson.com in their posts, raising the brand’s authority as a reliable source of information and helping Google to prioritise them in search engine results pages. 




As well as impressive increases in visitors and engagement rates – they saw a 43% increase in URL visits in six months, we unlocked renewed excitement among the Janus Henderson Investment Trust team and our work saw them win the 2021 Financial Services Forum Marketing Effectiveness Award for the Most Effective Digital Marketing Campaign.