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Asset Value Investors, a London based British investment house with two Trusts – AVI Global Trust and AVI Japan Opportunity Trust, approached Hub, seeking our expertise to enhance their content strategy. Despite repurposing their existing content, AVI found that it wasn’t yielding their desired results. Our first step was to strengthen their brand awareness and product engagement through a strategic approach. We concentrated on crafting a tailored campaign aimed at directing audiences to their website, fostering meaningful interactions, and strategic positioning.

Our Strategy

Our initial steps were focusing on thorough audits, analyses, and content workshops, all directed towards forging a creative campaign for AVI. The foundation of this work was built on comprehending their target audience deeply, allowing us to construct intricate profiles that would pave the way. Armed with these invaluable insights, we meticulously developed communication strategies that were both clear and compelling, establishing meaningful connections with these distinct segments. 


Additionally, our commitment extended to optimising their website for seamless discovery by search engines, ensuring ease of crawling, rendering, and indexing of its pages. Our rigorous focus on SEO techniques and strategically chosen keywords was to elevate organic search rankings but also increase flow of traffic to their online platform. 


We created a campaign that included distinct content fund manager videos, explainer animations, and articles. The main objectives of this campaign were to make content easily searchable, ensure it was being read, improve search engine rankings, and prompt visitors into action. We emphasised the importance of monitoring unique page views, focusing on SEO and building social media followings, and analysing site analytics to gauge content engagement. Our strategy supported overall SEO efforts by publishing on relevant topics and keywords. Every piece of content included a call to action to encourage visitors to take specific actions, ensuring compelling and relevant material led to meaningful engagement. 


With our help, AVI surpassed their initial goal. They doubled their website traffic and generated up to seven times more visitors during the campaign period. 


The AVI campaign achieved remarkable success. By centring our efforts on insights and strategy, we crafted tailored content that strongly connected with the intended target audience. Our collaboration with AVI continues as we refine strategies and conceive new campaigns to bolster their brand visibility and engage fresh audiences.