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Gastro Learning, a leading educational provider in gastroenterology, has been running live endoscopy courses for over two decades. For their flagship annual conference, ‘London Live Endoscopy’ (LLE), Gastro Learning needed technical expertise and a fresh approach to what they had done previously. 

What we did

We commenced by conducting a thorough site visit to the London University College Hospital. During the visit, they carefully assessed the location, evaluated network connectivity and power infrastructures, and ensured compliance with all relevant site regulations. Following the site visit, the team meticulously planned all aspects of the live event and pre-recorded material, including set construction, crew requirements, filming specifications, and logistics.

In addition to the live online event, we designed and built a sustainable and reusable stage for the conference, inline with Gastro Learning’s branding and website.


During the event, 27 faculties participated in panel discussions, multiple pre-recorded videos were showcased, and live demonstrations were conducted over two days. The live broadcast was vision mixed (edited live) on location and seamlessly streamed to the virtual audience. Post-broadcast, Hub edited an overview on-demand version for those who missed the live event.


Following the success of LLE, Gastro Learning asked Hub to run their web-based Oesophageal Neoplasia Masterclass (ONM) and also manage the broadcast for their contribution to European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) Annual Congress Days 2023, based in Dublin, Ireland.


The ONM was broadcast from our in-house studio, with the masterclass lecturers presenting on set. We also patched in remote guest speakers and mixed in pre-recorded content for the live stream.


The ESGE 2023 Annual Conference Days featured simultaneous live broadcasts between Dublin, Hamburg, and London. Gastro Learning were featured as part of the London contingency and were required to showcase the use of different equipment during a live operation which was streamed and accessible to three locations. Hub were responsible for the London element of the entire production which required technical dexterity to ensure we were able to switch between 3 operation rooms in three different countries, connect and broadcast from different endoscopic cameras placed inside human bodies, manage the comms between countries and facilitate the Live Q&A. No small feat.



Gastro Learning was highly impressed with the seamless and professional service provided by Hub for all three of the virtual events. The online sessions had a strong turnout, and the on-demand versions for London Live Endoscopy were viewed in over 90 countries around the world. Both contributors and viewers provided overwhelmingly positive feedback to Gastro Learning, which has solidified an ongoing partnership with Hub for future online events and content.