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The Department of International Trade

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CNBC faced the challenge of producing, filming, and promoting a webcast series for The Department of International Trade in less than two weeks. To meet this, they enlisted our help to handle the logistics and creative output.

We worked closely with CNBC to deliver a 15-second commercial, animated graphics, and clean-branded clips for easy repurposing, as well as a branding identity pack with still and moving graphics, and much more. We also supported the CNBC studio team to capture interviews for the show.

CNBC was impressed that we were able to step in and extend the capabilities and reach of the team in response to the challenging brief and very tight deadline.

Our strategy

Given the condensed timeframe and limited opportunity for deliberation and feedback, it was imperative that we understood the Department for International Trade’s objectives, tone, and messaging from the word go. 

Based on research, we wrote scripts and article outlines and produced short, animated clips for the client to quickly check and amend. We also supported the CNBC strategy team in researching and securing panel guests for the show, as well as creating a briefing pack, which included an overview of the themes, research and further reading into the episode topics, technical support for remote guests, and more.

Within 12 hours of content approval, we had filmed and edited both webcast episodes and all highlights.


Proving that the seemingly impossible is possible, CNBC praised us for creating extraordinary content in an incredibly tight timeframe.